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OA Special

Editorial: With new OA policies coming into effect in the UK and other developments moving at a rapid pace, this Editors' Update Open Access Special Report reviews the current opportunities available for you and your journal.

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Issue 36 – June 2012

Editorial: Please take a few moments to read through our latest issue which has been developed in response to your feedback. Have you got a story to tell? Posting it on our new Short Communications bulletin board is a great way to share it with your fellow Editors. Just click on the link in the right hand bar.

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Issue 35 – March 2012

Editorial: In a recent poll you requested more information on open access and here it is... we really hope you enjoy this Editors' Update Open Access Special. Please take advantage of the opportunity to post comments on articles - we always welcome your feedback.

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Issue 33 - September 2011

Editorial: The growth of Asia is a topic close to many editors' hearts. In this Asia Special edition of Editors' Update, we shine a probing light on some of the pros and cons of that growth and examine the impact for both journals and editors.

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Issue 32 - June 2011

Editorial: How we access information is evolving, and evolving fast. Mobile and smart digital content is now presented and accessed in ways that we wouldn’t have dreamed possible just a few years ago. In this issue of Editors’ Update, we explore some of Elsevier’s latest introductions to meet this evolving demand...

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Issue 31 - December 2010

Editorial: In this issue of Editors' Update we continue the discussion on the future of online content search and discovery. The launch of SciVerse addresses the trends in cross-border and cross-discipline collaboration within the research community. In the first article, SciVerse: A New Era in Search and Discovery the discussion develops to explore how Elsevier encourages these trends and supports the next generation of 'intelligent online content'...

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Issue 30 - August 2010

Editorial: In this, my first issue as Editor-in-Chief, I am very pleased to lead with a discussion on the future of openly accessible raw data and the trends in search and discovery within the research community. Rafael Sidi discusses open data access and innovations within the future of scientific discovery...

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Short Communications

  • Registrations open for journal editor webinar series

    Registrations are now open for the remaining webinars in our 2014 series for journal editors. Learn more

  • Finding reviewers in EES just got easier…

    Improvements to the Find Reviewers tool in EES have simplified the process of searching for potential referees. Find out more... Learn more

  • An author’s experience of peer review

    Researcher Mounir Adjrad dwells on why constructive reviews are so important to the peer-review process. Learn more

  • The importance of gender balance for editorial teams

    We look at why a gender-balanced editorial team can be beneficial not only to your journal but to the research community at large. Learn more

  • Why I dedicated my journal editorial to open access

    UK-based editor, Professor Peter Griffiths, on why it's so important editors understand open access. Learn more

  • Warning regarding fraudulent call for papers

    Information from our Legal department about a fraudulent call for papers sent out in Elsevier's name. Learn more

  • Publishing skills webinar series for early career researchers

    Registrations are now open for our webinar series for ECRs which focuses on developing their publishing skills. Learn more

  • Discover the latest re. EES user profile consolidation

    Learn what a consolidated EES user profile can mean for ORCID profiles and managing EES accounts. Learn more

  • The road to open access – an editor’s story

    US-based editor, Professor Marion Broome, has written an editorial about open access and what it means for her journal. Learn more

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