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Issue 47 - May 2015

Editorial: In this edition, we hear about some of the services available to support our authors, editors and reviewers. These include the Publishing Campus, our new, free training platform for researchers, and the launch of a tailored service for editors on Mendeley. We are also delighted to feature articles by some of your peers who generously share the lessons they've learnt. We hope you enjoy this issue.

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OA Special

Editorial: With new OA policies coming into effect in the UK and other developments moving at a rapid pace, this Editors' Update Open Access Special Report reviews the current opportunities available for you and your journal.

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Issue 36 – June 2012

Editorial: Please take a few moments to read through our latest issue which has been developed in response to your feedback. Have you got a story to tell? Posting it on our new Short Communications bulletin board is a great way to share it with your fellow Editors. Just click on the link in the right hand bar.

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Issue 35 – March 2012

Editorial: In a recent poll you requested more information on open access and here it is... we really hope you enjoy this Editors' Update Open Access Special. Please take advantage of the opportunity to post comments on articles - we always welcome your feedback.

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Issue 33 - September 2011

Editorial: The growth of Asia is a topic close to many editors' hearts. In this Asia Special edition of Editors' Update, we shine a probing light on some of the pros and cons of that growth and examine the impact for both journals and editors.

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Issue 32 - June 2011

Editorial: How we access information is evolving, and evolving fast. Mobile and smart digital content is now presented and accessed in ways that we wouldn’t have dreamed possible just a few years ago. In this issue of Editors’ Update, we explore some of Elsevier’s latest introductions to meet this evolving demand...

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Issue 31 - December 2010

Editorial: In this issue of Editors' Update we continue the discussion on the future of online content search and discovery. The launch of SciVerse addresses the trends in cross-border and cross-discipline collaboration within the research community. In the first article, SciVerse: A New Era in Search and Discovery the discussion develops to explore how Elsevier encourages these trends and supports the next generation of 'intelligent online content'...

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Issue 30 - August 2010

Editorial: In this, my first issue as Editor-in-Chief, I am very pleased to lead with a discussion on the future of openly accessible raw data and the trends in search and discovery within the research community. Rafael Sidi discusses open data access and innovations within the future of scientific discovery...

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Short Communications

  • Clarification of our policy on prior publication

    Addressing a question that has arisen recently from both editors and authors Learn more

  • Beware of fraudulent emails requesting payment

    Paul Doda from Elsevier's Legal team warns against emails that appear to be from Elsevier requesting payment from authors. Learn more

  • Read Heliyon’s first papers

    Today the journal Heliyon celebrates a major milestone – the publication of its first papers. Learn more

  • EBioMedicine: The importance of collaboration

    What do you get when you mix the editorial leadership from Cell with the editorial leadership of The Lancet, and sprinkle it with the publishing expertise of Elsevier? Learn more

  • Elsevier launches the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

    The winning entries will receive funding for research projects designed to help solve today's most pressing global challenges in health, environment or engineering. Learn more

  • How Atlas can help you demonstrate the value of research in your journal

    This new virtual publication features summaries of research articles with social impact which are then promoted to a broad readership Learn more

  • Revamped journal visuals offer greater insight into journal performance

    Our Journal Insights tool now offers increased information on metrics, publication speed and 'reach' for participating titles. Learn more

  • Authors embrace Share Link – the free access service for new articles

    The initiative has now been rolled out to more than 2,000 journals and some links have attracted more than 1,000 clicks Learn more

  • Unleashing the power of academic sharing

    Elsevier updates its article-sharing policies, perspectives and services — and invites researchers and hosting platforms to work with us to develop innovative sharing options and guidelines Learn more

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