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Is the pressure of grants to publish driving the rise in unethical practices from authors?

Choices Available:

Yes: 240 
 No: 73

Total votes cast: 315


Poll dates: 04/11/2013 to 03/03/2014


Are research misconduct cases on the rise or are journals just getting better at uncovering them?

Choices Available:

Yes, they are generally on the rise: 75
No, thanks to software and experience we just spot more of them: 66

Total votes cast: 141

Poll dates: 19/09/2013 to 04/11/2013


How do you prefer to access information online?

Choices Available:

Via PDF: 77
Both – depends on what I’m trying to achieve: 65
Via HTML: 21
Neither – I prefer to print out information: 11

Total votes cast: 174

Poll dates: 27/06/2013 to 18/09/2013


Do you think it’s time to clarify researchers’ contributions to an article by moving to a contributorship model?

Choices Available:

Yes: 83
No: 27

Total votes cast: 110

Poll dates: 14/03/2013 to 26/06/2013


What is a reasonable time period for a peer review? (poll topic submitted by reader Terry Tan)

Choices Available:

Two weeks: 65
One month: 177
Two months: 70
Three months: 25
Longer: 20

Total votes cast: 357

Poll dates: 31/10/2012 to 13/03/2013


How would you prefer to communicate with your fellow Editors online? Via

Choices Available:

Email: 71
Not at all: 31
Editors’ Update online community: 16
Forums in EES: 9
Existing social media sites such as   LinkedIn/ResearchGate: 3
Existing blogs/communities for your   discipline: 2

Total votes cast: 132

Poll dates: 05/06/2012 to 30/10/2012


Which Open Access Model Has Your Preference?

Choices Available:

Open access journals: 91
Open access articles: 53
Open archives: 43
Manuscript posting: 30
None of the above: 4

Total votes cast: 221

Poll dates: 27/03/2012 to 04/06/2012

Which topic would you like to see covered in Editors' Update?

Which topic would you like to see covered in Editors’ Update?

Choices Available:

Open access: 36
Peer review: 35
Ethics and plagiarism: 33

Total votes cast: 104

Poll dates: 15/12/2011 to 26/03/2012


How do you feel about the quality of article submissions from Asia-based authors?

Choices Available:

Improving: 232
Deteriorating: 24
Unchanged: 29

Total votes cast: 285

Poll dates: 20/09/2011 to 14/12/2011

If we begin to publish articles as they become available how would you like us to communicate with you?

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