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Has your journal introduced a new initiative? Is there a topic you feel strongly about? Is there a recent success you would like to share? Our Short Communications bulletin board has been created so you can have your say. Just click on the link to the right of this text and submit your article. News on Elsevier and industry initiatives and developments can also be found here.

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Clarification of our policy on prior publication

Addressing a question that has arisen recently from both editors and authors

Beware of fraudulent emails requesting payment

Paul Doda from Elsevier’s Legal team warns against emails that appear to be from Elsevier requesting payment from authors.

Read Heliyon’s first papers

Today the journal Heliyon celebrates a major milestone – the publication of its first papers.

EBioMedicine: The importance of collaboration

What do you get when you mix the editorial leadership from Cell with the editorial leadership of The Lancet, and sprinkle it with the publishing expertise of Elsevier?

Elsevier launches the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

The winning entries will receive funding for research projects designed to help solve today’s most pressing global challenges in health, environment or engineering.

How Atlas can help you demonstrate the value of research in your journal

This new virtual publication features summaries of research articles with social impact which are then promoted to a broad readership

Revamped journal visuals offer greater insight into journal performance

Our Journal Insights tool now offers increased information on metrics, publication speed and ‘reach’ for participating titles.

Authors embrace Share Link – the free access service for new articles

The initiative has now been rolled out to more than 2,000 journals and some links have attracted more than 1,000 clicks

Unleashing the power of academic sharing

Elsevier updates its article-sharing policies, perspectives and services — and invites researchers and hosting platforms to work with us to develop innovative sharing options and guidelines