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If we had a crystal ball that allowed us to sneak a peek at the future of academia, what insights would we gain?

While no-one can really say what the coming years hold, one thing is certain: research in Asia is enjoying an explosive boom and while the sun rises on this rapidly developing continent, the implications for the wider research community are immense.

Join any Editors’ Update Webinar, attend any Elsevier Editors’ Conference and it is soon clear that Asia is a topic never far from the thoughts of our editors.

Youngsuk "YS" Chi

Youngsuk Chi

Youngsuk (YS) Chi, Chairman of Elsevier’s Management Committee, is one man who has a clear vision of the possibilities on offer. He says: “Asia is home to countries that are among the highest in research impact and the fastest growing in research capability and performance.  At Elsevier, we have a long standing commitment to fostering the development of the emerging research powerhouses.  It’s an opportunity not only to share our global experience and networks, but also to learn from the research leaders in this dynamic region. It is not about a one-way conversation, but rather an exchange of ideas and that is exciting.”

In this Asia Special edition of Editors’ Update, we take a closer look at some of the implications of these developments for publishing and journals.

In The Rise of Asia: A Research Profile, we examine the current state of research in Asia and make some interesting predictions for the future. Many of the statistics could prove surprising!

Meeting the Challenge of a Global Academic Community discusses some of the challenges surrounding Asia’s growth and offers some practical advice for editors swamped by submissions.

While the number of papers published by Asian authors is increasing, the percentage of Asian editors remains comparatively low. In Recruiting an Asia-based Editor. Case Study: The Lancet, two of the journal’s editors – one of whom is based in China – speak frankly about their experiences.

No-one is better placed to offer advice about building connections in Asia than those who live and work there. In The Inside Track – Elsevier Staff Share Their Thoughts, we meet employees in China, Taiwan and India.

China has played host to some of the most accelerated research developments. Tracey Brown, Managing Director of UK charitable trust Sense About Science, talks to Editors’ Update about some of her key take-aways from a recent visit to the country in Fact-finding Mission to China Provides Key Insights.

Last but not least, in Editor in the Spotlight we meet Singapore-based Professor Jackie Ying, Editor-in-Chief of Nano Today.

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We hope you enjoy reading this Asia Special edition, but most of all we hope it proves useful to you in navigating the changes that lie ahead. 

Linda Willems
Academic Relations Coordinator