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When Elsevier announced that it had purchased Mendeley back in April, there was – unsurprisingly – a flurry of interest from the researcher community.

While many were positive about the acquisition, others were concerned and took to Twitter to air their views. As Mendeley co-founder Victor Henning eloquently summarized: “(The acquisition) was compared to the Rebel Alliance joining the Galactic Empire, to peasants posing as a human shield for Kim Jong-Un, and to Austin Powers teaming up with Dr Evil.”

In Mendeley and Elsevier – what does the future hold?, Henning joins Elsevier’s Managing Director of Academic and Government Markets, Olivier Dumon, in highlighting some of the many benefits the new partnership will bring. Together they touch on the projects already underway to simplify researchers’ lives.  Henning also explains the origins of Mendeley and answers some editor FAQs.

Combating researcher pain points was also the motivation for the Your Paper, Your Way project, which is now being rolled out to all journals. The scheme encourages authors to forgo strict formatting and referencing requirements when submitting their papers – a big time saving. Find out what the editors taking part in the trial had to say and how you can get involved.

Now that so much work is created and accessed digitally, Elsevier’s Article of the Future team is working to ensure the traditional article format evolves to meet those changing needs. In How to handle digital content, the team highlights the broad range of content innovations it has recently introduced, from 3D visualizations to Executable Papers.

Those Article of the Future developments provided the springboard for our next article, PDF versus HTML – a shared future!. We asked a group of researchers for their views on accessing information via HTML and the traditional PDF. Read what they had to say about the pros and cons of both formats.

Peer review is a subject we know is close to many of your hearts and a topic we cover regularly in Editors’ Update. In Recognizing your top reviewers we explore just a few of the options we have available to help you recognize reviewers, including a new pilot initiative – The Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing – which we plan to offer to all journals in 2014.

Rounding out this issue is our Editor in the Spotlight, Michael Emerman, PhD, a virologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Editor-in-Chief of Virology.

On a personal note, reading about the Elsevier acquisition on Twitter proved something of a revelation for me. Having discovered there was so much fun to be had, I finally signed up for an account (@willems_linda). While this may not seem big news to many of you, in Amsterdam’s Elsevier office it has been likened to Rapunzel appearing at her tower window with a Mohican. I have not previously used social media but I see this as a great opportunity to connect with some of you online. I plan to tweet on items of interest to the editor community and keep you in touch with what’s happening on the Editors’ Update website.  I really hope you will join me.

Coming up….

The next Editors’ Update is scheduled for September and will be a special edition focusing on a topic many of you have asked us to tackle – Publishing Ethics. In the meantime, I hope you have a great summer. If I don’t see you on Twitter then don’t forget you can always recommend an article or let us know your views by emailing us at