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At Elsevier, we are continuously seeking ways to improve on the support we offer. And we know that if we want to improve, we need to be willing to experiment.

Pilot projects have become a staple feature of many departments – as Director Publishing Innovation, Dr. Joris van Rossum, succinctly summarizes in How we can better support and recognize reviewers, they allow us to “learn quickly and be flexible”.

In this issue, we explore just some of the pilots currently taking place. Dr. van Rossum’s article looks at initiatives we anticipate will prove popular with both editors and reviewers. These include a new reviewer badges and rewards scheme and a reviewer recognition platform.

Targeting the next generation of editors in Asia looks at a series of Future Editors’ seminars being trialed by our Materials Science colleagues to nurture strong editor candidates in Asia. They talk about a recent event they held in Beijing and we take a look at the current publishing landscape in China.

With interest continuing to grow in alternative metrics, we focus on three Elsevier pilots to feature the colorful altmetrics donut in Elsevier expands metrics perspectives with launch of new altmetrics pilots. The trials appear on, ScienceDirect and Scopus.

Authors submitting to Atmospheric Environment can now choose to publish their paper’s abstract on the journal’s homepage. In Pilot allows authors to make submitted abstracts instantly visible, the publisher and editor explain why they decided to take this unusual step.

While our forays into the world of pilots form the backbone of this edition, we are also delighted to be able to feature two articles written by your fellow editors.

In Be brave, be clear and have fun – three editors share their top tips, senior editors offer advice on everything from tackling editor workloads to providing authors with more clarity. Please feel free to post comments if you can think of extra tips (or don’t agree with the ones they’ve suggested!).

We also have our trusty Editor in the Spotlight feature. This issue, George C. Tsokos, MD, a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Immunology shares his thoughts on publishing and the editorial process.

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The May issue of Editors’ Update will be a special issue looking at how you (and we) can promote your journal and we are working on a technology Special Report highlighting some of the new developments that will aid with journal strategy and decision-making.

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