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Masako Takeda | Publishing Services Manager, EES, Elsevier

Introduced in December 2012, user profile consolidation allows users to link their Elsevier Editorial System (EES) journal accounts so that they can use the same username and password for each account and more easily update their personal information. This also improves the security of personal data on EES as only the individual user is allowed to make changes.  Since user profile consolidation was implemented in EES, over 1 million users have created a consolidated profile, representing nearly 3 million individual EES journal accounts.

There are also added benefits available to researchers who have undergone the consolidation process.

ORCID is a non-profit organization providing researchers with a unique digital identifier (also called an ORCID or Open Researcher and Contributor ID) that links their work, eliminates name ambiguity, and stays with them throughout their career. Elsevier supports this initiative and has integrated the ORCID ID within EES. A user with a consolidated profile can link their ORCID ID to their EES journal accounts. When submitting a paper to a journal via EES, not only the corresponding author but also the co-authors can link their ORCIDs to the submission. This helps editors select the right reviewer candidates and also means that if a submission is accepted and published, all authors’ ORCID publication lists will automatically be updated. To date, over 650,000 researchers have created ORCID IDs and the number is growing

Providing users with a single username and password to access all of their journal accounts was an important step in making EES easier to access. In December 2013, we went one step further when we introduced My EES Hub. If you have consolidated your profile, you can now log into EES and view all pending actions across the journals linked to that profile. My EES Hub features a single landing page from which you can:

  • Switch between the journal accounts linked to your profile without logging in and out of each journal individually.
  • View a list of your pending author, reviewer and editor actions for all your linked journal accounts and go to the relevant journal and folder (for author and reviewer tasks) or directly to the submission (for editor tasks) by clicking on a link.
  • Search for additional Elsevier journals for which you would like to create an account to add to your profile.
  • View a list of any journal accounts registered with the same email address as your consolidated profile that you have yet to add to your profile. You can then log into them and add them to your profile.

To access these services, just log into any journal linked to your profile and click the My EES Hub link that appears at the top of the page (see below).





More information on these benefits is available in our support article: What is My EES Hub?

Further reading

For more information on ORCID integration and the benefits for all EES users, please see ORCID/EES integration offers new benefits to researchers.

A guide to EES User Profile Consolidation is available on our Support Hub.