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Dr Gad Gilad, PhD | Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience


With all due respect, as more (and more) complex biology study gets,

Creating much ado amongst somber scientists -

"Succumbing to an 'epidomic' of data" so the experts mention,

A new perspective now offers to give things a lighter twist,

To entertain and ease that tension.


When wholesome wholeness of biology is at stake,

Yielding to an exaggerated glossary of threat,

To the rescue enlist the omics relief,

Pitching one phenome curved ball of ridiculomics,

Cheering up a stuffy crowd with this homerun of comics.


Don't be threatened by the Sillynomics,

For just like the isms, once an elitist bombastic jargon,

They'll become popular, an everyday suffix of the common.

Cut loose, have a philologist ball, play part in the word mix,

Celebrate in the Pantheome (the Pantheon of omics).


Here's a teaser just for the brave and the free, not for the weak at heart,

Dare shed your omicsofobia, indulge in scienceomics and start:

Be frugal and be smart - begin with simple economics,

Watch these precious grants supporting your genomics,

Consider how harsh epigenomics interfere to vary transcriptomics,

Leading downstream to scrambled localizomics,

And in turn, relocated molecular posts,

Fail to reconnect key dots,

Resulting in misguided connectome,

Driving crazy the proteome,

Whacking out the interactome,

Alas, creating havoc in that all important metabolome;

(Relax, stay calm - this one's just a home frame for good old metabolism).

Enjoy, have some fun - try the word game now with ism…


cOmically yours, GMG